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PADI e-learning

Are you willing to learn scuba diving with professional instructors? You came to the right place!

Learn scuba diving with Playa Scuba We can teach you how to scuba dive from the very beginning or, if you are already a certified diver, we can help you achieve higher education levels and goals in scuba diving.

We offer you not only professionalism and dedication in teaching you but also the best prices in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel!

Besides, you will learn in one of the most beautiful scuba destinations in the world, since all courses are held in Playa del Carmen.We take only families or small groups.

We offer the Open Water Certification with both SSI and PADI. Both organizations are internationally recognized and training requirements for both are the same - Theory, Confined Water Training and 4 Open Water Dives.

The course is done over 3 days and schedule can vary depending on students needs and weather conditions however the general outline is as follows:
Day 1 - 8am to 6pm approx.
  Video/Theory + Confined Water Training.
Day 2 - 8am to 2pm approx.
  2 Open Water Dives + Theory
Day 3 - 8am to 3pm approx.
  2 Open Water Dives + Theory

The cost for the complete PADI-Open Water course is 360 USD.

The SSI course costs 360 USD Whenever possible we recommend completing the theory portion online before arriving. This will mean not needing to spend your vacation evenings studying :).

If you choose SSI, you need to log onto and create your student profile and select Playa Scuba Dive Center as your dive center. You will have immediate access to the first 3 chapters of your theory. Select the Scuba Diver option in your courses and go ahead and get started! When you arrive to the shop and complete your payment you will gain access to the remaining 2 chapters of the theory, so remember to bring a tablet/phone/laptop to be able to complete your theory. We have wifi available in the shop.

If you choose PADI, you can do the whole course in Playa 360 US or 310.-US and complete your theory online via PADI E-Learning This has a separate cost of 174 USD paid directly to PADI.

If you have any questions please let us know. And don't forget to get back in touch with us to let us know which course you would like to take. SSI or PADI.

These are our education and certification offers for you: 


$125 USD
One day course.
It includes basic lessons and a dive in open water.

For this lesson is not necessary to purchase the study materials.


$360 USD
Three-day course.
Includes: Theory, lessons in confined water, audiovisual training, 4 open water check out boat dives in the ocean, and card-processing fee.


$360 USD
Three-day course.
Includes: Theory, lessons in confined water, audiovisual training, 4 open water check out boat dives in the ocean, and card-processing fee.

  CLICK HERE: SSI registration-link to create your student profile or login if you are already registered.


$235 USD
Includes four dives in open water and processing of credential.

Materials need: Open Water Diver manual and dive table, log book, referral documentation completed by your initial course instructor .


$340 USD
Two to Four-day course.
Includes: Theory, 5 OW specialties: Deep diving, night diving, search and recovery, underwater photography, underwater navigation, among others. Card-processing fee


$100 USD
One day course.
Begin at home and do the Padi e-learning in the comfort of your home and come here to paradise and learn how to test the NITROX mixture and calculate your dives includes two dives and cert.fees.

The price is for the second portion of the course.


$250 USD
Two-three days.
NEW CAVERN DIVER SPECIALTY 350.-US, DEEP DIVER, WRECK DIVER, NATURALIST and many others to choose from. Includes four dives in open water and processing of credential.

Materials needed: Dive table,Manual and computer.


$350 USD
Two to Four-day course.
Learn to respond to and prevent emergencies under water and on the surface. Includes: OW exercises in pool/confined water, theory, and card-processing fee. A First-Aid course is required in order to complete certification.

It is mandatory to buy training materials, according to new PADI guidelines starting September 1st, 2006. The price for such materials is $50 USD, which must be added to the course price.

* All of our lessons are privately taught with a maximum of 4 students with each instructor.
* We make sure that you will be able to learn all the needed skills to dive safely.
* If you don't have your own gear add 15.-US per day on any courses.
* We take universal referrals

CLICK HERE: Our Padi e-learning link if you wish to save time and begin learning at home

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